Top 5 British Royal Jewelry Pieces

British royal earrings have captivated the sector for thousands of years. We locate surprise in everything from the treasures of ancient Egypt to present-day portions consisting of royal blue rings worn by way of princesses Diana and Kate.

Meghan Markle’s Engagement Ring 

British Royal Jewelry Pieces Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle with a lovely engagement ring that incorporates diamonds willed to Prince Harry through his mom, Princess Diana. The ring is beautiful, with a significant diamond flanked by using two smaller ones, all set in yellow gold. The ordinary look is well-balanced and is perfectly sized for Meghan Markle’s hand. 

Designed by Prince Harry himself and homemade through British rings company Cleave and Company, this royal engagement ring holds a unique meaning. The premier diamond was sourced in Botswana, which is one of the couple’s favorite destinations; meanwhile, the 2 facet diamonds are from Princess Diana’s series. Like Prince William, Prince Harry desired to make sure that his mother’s reminiscence became venerated as he proposed to Meghan Markle, who turns into a reputable UK citizen after marriage. And who will eventually bear the Royal identify of Duchess of Sussex. 

Princess Diana’s Engagement Ring 

British Royal Jewelry Pieces In February of 1981, Charles, Prince of Wales, has become engaged to Lady Diana Spencer, imparting her with a ring presenting a 12-carat oval Ceylon sapphire surrounded by using 14 diamonds. The ring stayed inside the family after Princess Diana’s tragic passing. In 2010, Prince William provided it to Catherine Middleton, now affectionately known as Princess Kate. This cherished piece is frequently imitated, with manufacturers rendering it both precious stones and lab-created ones. It’s many of the simplest royal blue jewelry that seems to make your very own if you feel so willing! 

Britain’s Coronation Necklace And Earrings 

Created for Queen Victoria in 1858 and worn by using queens at all coronations in view that 1901. The coronation necklace capabilities a pendant made with the 22.48-carat Lahore Diamond, plus 25 cushion-cut diamonds in sizes up to 11.25 carats alongside its length. The coronation jewelry function three diamonds apiece, with pear-formed pendants to suit the Lahore diamond. Queen Elizabeth II keeps to wear this set today; it’s often visible at State Opening of Parliament ceremonies. And it may be visible in her Diamond Jubilee portrait as properly. 

The Timur Ruby Necklace 

The Timur Ruby Necklace is a captivating piece and an essential part of the British Crown’s earrings series. At its coronary heart lies the uncut 361-carat Timur Ruby, which is a spinel. The Timur ruby exceeded thru numerous fingers for the subsequent centuries, sooner or later making its manner into Britain’s Royal Treasury in 1851, as a gift to Queen Victoria. It, together with three different large rubies, is set in a gold and diamond necklace in 1853. 

The necklace itself is quite charming. Queen Mary had a few alterations made to the necklace so that certain diamonds may be eliminated and used as jewelry, however she by no means wore it. Neither has Queen Elizabeth II although she has referred to that she reveals the piece captivating. 

The Greville Festoon Necklace 

A really staggering piece through Cartier, the Greville Festoon Necklace dates again to 1929. It initially contained two rows of spherical diamonds framed in platinum and infinite pave diamonds. The necklace’s first owner changed into Dame Commander Margaret Greville, who in 1938 had 3 more rows of diamonds delivered, so that it could be worn as a two-strand, three-strand, or five-strand necklace. Dame Greville, a close pal of Queen Mary’s, willed her jewelry collection to Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. The Queen obtained the Greville Festoon necklace in 1942, and wore it frequently, often who prefer the shorter, 3-strand look. Today, the necklace stays part of Britain’s crown jewels. 

2020 Engagement Ring Trends


2020 Engagement Ring Trends: 6 Designs You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere!

Every year we look forward to seeing the most popular styles and trends, and 2020 will be a great year! The minimalist style, focusing on the center stone, will definitely continue to be popular. Whether it is oval, cushion-shaped, or round, we like the simple setting made of beautiful stones. The color will also play a significant role in the choice of metal and stone. In the future, we will see a lot of rose gold and sapphire! Are you looking for the perfect ring? Read on to know our best predictions for the trend of engagement rings in 2020!

1. Engagement Ring Trends: Simple Solitaires

Engagement Ring TrendsWhen talking about today’s engagement ring, the “less is more” statement is correct. Minimalist design will continue to become mainstream in 2020; you just can’t beat this classic and timeless design. We love solitaires for ordinary rings made of platinum, white gold, or gold, focusing only on diamonds and diamond rings with extra glitter!

2. Engagement Ring Trends: Ovals

Although round-cut diamonds still rank first, oval-shaped diamonds are gradually gaining popularity! This elegant shape has a classic feel but slightly twisted to make your diamond stand out from the crowd. We like their unique and clean appearance (in addition, the slim shape makes your fingers look long and thin!). The oval shape with or without halo looks great. You can also consider using the East and West settings to unpack!

3. Engagement Ring Trends: Rose Gold

Engagement Ring TrendsRose gold is currently very large and will continue to grow huge in 2020! The blush looks good on any skin tone and has the lovely feminine flavor we like. Many people see it as a unique alternative to the popular platinum or white gold. If full rose gold isn’t for you, consider accents of it either around the center diamond or just on the band.

4. Engagement Ring Trends: Vintage Inspired

Over the past few years, all vintages have experienced a severe recovery, and engagement rings are no exception. From the Art Deco style to the Victorian retro design, all give people a romantic feeling, making these rings a popular choice for marriage proposals. Their old-world charm is fascinating. In addition, we like how detailed these designs are! Although the vintage may be trendy, this style can last a lifetime.

5. Engagement Ring Trends: Cushions

Seat cushion cutting is a traditional Hollywood charm, becoming more and more popular as the preferred diamond shape. Somewhere between the circle and the princess cut, the cushion still has a classic feel without having to use it out of the box. Next year we will often see this shape, especially with a halo!

6. Engagement Ring Trends: Sapphires

Engagement Ring TrendsThis royal trend is getting bigger and bigger in 2020. Although diamonds may still be the standard, we now like the trend of replacing the stone, especially sapphire! If you want to add some color to the engagement ring, then elegant blue gems are a perfect choice. Use it as your main stone or add some sapphire side stones to decorate the main diamond.

Solitaire engagement rings

Necklaces Every Woman Must Own!

Bridal Jewellery : Get Your Perfect Wedding Look!

Four ways to add something special for Solitaire engagement rings

Solitaire engagement ringsWe have all heard the saying, “less is more.” But you might think that this mentality will not apply when dreaming of a perfect engagement ring. However, today, the trend of minimalism is so popular. best wedding jewelry to consider in 2020.

However, suppose you dream of a single diamond and still want to make a splash when showing off the newly decorated ring finger to friends and family. There are many ways to choose a solitaire engagement ring. This ring will make the audience amazed and bring easy, sparkling beauty to the simple ring.

Read on to learn four ways to add fun to the solitaire ring and make the ring finger as bright as a diamond.

Go with a Colored Stone

If you like the simplicity of a solitaire ring, but traditional diamonds are not for you, consider using colored gemstones as the focus. Some colored gemstones (such as sapphire) have almost the same hardness as diamonds, which means that it is a durable gemstone worn daily. If you keep the ring flat, you can make sure that your gem is the main focus because it can capture light and illuminate your ring finger.

Switch Up the Setting

The most typical setting for a diamond engagement ring is to use some kind of pointed tip to lift one or more diamonds above the strap and display them on the front and center. One method of mixed-use is to consider using other settings for the diamond, as the bezel setting.

The bezel setting completely surrounds your diamond in the metal of your choice and has a stylish and modern look that distinguishes your ring from other rings.

Let Your Diamond Take a Different Shape

Solitaire engagement rings

Diamonds can be cut into various shapes. If you only want to set one on the ring, you may wish to explore all the necessary options to find the perfect diamond shape for your engagement ring. It may be that you have seen many round diamonds in a day, and you may be looking for more products out of the box.

So, how about a princess cut? The solitaire ring does not often let you see something. The square diamond has a gorgeous, glittering surface area and can be correctly inserted on the finger while highlighting the position of the claw.

Add Some Diamonds (to Your Ring)

Solitaire engagement ringsIf you’re sticking with the solitaire trend, but hope there is a way to add more charm to the engagement ring, then don’t be afraid to keep going, looking for a ring with diamonds on the ring to give you a 360-degree light.

Adding diamonds to the ring is not comparable to solitaire diamonds but can complement the focus of the ring (in this case, a bold, bright oval) and bring a warm, shining light from all angles.

Necklaces Every Woman Must Own!

Bridal Jewellery

5 Types Of Necklaces Every Woman Must Own!

The right jewelry will affect your appearance. These gadgets have the ability to make any clothing from food and clothing without worry. Just add the correct necklace, you can improve the “vigorous feeling” factor. Let’s take a look at the guide about various necklaces

1.Choker Necklace-

5 Types Of NecklacesThe short necklace is a remarkable revival in the 1990s. It is about 14 to 16 inches long and is usually single-stranded. If you want to focus on the neckline or neck, wear a collar. The suffocation had an impact on the red carpet this season. Whether it is a crisp white shirt or an off-the-shoulder gown, it is difficult to decorate with a short necklace.

2.Collar Necklace

5 Types Of NecklacesThe collar is worn high on the neck, usually in multiple strands. People with slender necks choose collar necklaces. It is about 12 to 14 inches long. Last year, Peter Pan Collar became the biggest trend and is still all the rage today. The neckline looks great with a strapless top. People can also wear collar necklaces at formal meetings.


3.Multi-layered Chain Necklace

Layering is by far the most important thing. These necklaces come in various forms. People usually make various necklaces by mixing different metals, different sizes, and different shapes. Pair it with simple clothes, and everything is ready!

4.Pendant Necklace

5 Types Of Necklaces

If in doubt, please go-to the pendant necklace! In particular, if you want to highlight the collar bone, you should choose a delicate pendant hanging from a delicate chain. Choose diamonds or any precious stones according to the situation. Whether it is an ethnic style or casual style, you can wear these elegant small accessories.

5.Matinee necklace

The long-chain necklace is 22 to 24 inches in length-usually a single strand, placed on top of the breastplate. It is longer than the princess necklace, but shorter than the opera necklace, so it is the right choice for casual or business attire.

Get Your Perfect Wedding Look!

Bridal Jewellery : Get Your Perfect Wedding Look!

This year’s budget makes gold more expensive. However, if you want to buy bridal jewelry or even match it with the cousin’s friend’s jewelry, that should not be an obstacle in your wardrobe design.

We have carefully crafted some of the most popular and oldest gold and precious jewels, and give them a millennial style, making you look like a billion dollars without having to spend a third!

With the inspiration from all over the country, combining various wedding function styles and finishes, we provide a series of bridal jewelry ideas that can make your life easier.

Elegant Kundan Bridal Jewellery

Bridal JewelleryKundan is the bride’s best friend. We said it! Whether you choose a personalized Kundan maang tikka or a glamorous necklace set, this may be one of the most popular jewelry styles in India, and there is nothing else for its celebration. Our Kundan jewelry collection includes emerald green and ruby beads, enamel, and pearls to give you an elegant look.

Antique Gold Bridal Jewellery

Bridal JewelleryWe just like the appearance of the southern bride—antique gold from head to toe, perfect for kanjeevaram silk and gorgeous hairstyles. What we like about our southern bridal jewelry series is the hair accessories series you can choose. Make a braid, a hair bun, or a random knot, and you will get a hair accessory to match every style you like.

Bridal Jewellery : Cocktail CZ

Cocktails and tight dresses? Why not. Whether it is a Hen party or a surprise brought by your friends, it will sparkle in the process of making things different. Our series of European cocktail jewelry is decorated with the best quality CZ gemstones to make your surrounding world dazzled. Choose a style to match your OOTD. Go to the rock party!

Bridal Jewellery : Wild Pop of Colour

Care for a wild pop of color at a destination wedding? When the day events are held next to a picturesque lake or serene mountain slopes, it calls for some inspired dressing. And do we have the answer for you? Our hand enameled collection of bridal jewelry comes in colors and styles that will complement your quirky lehenga, shares or gossamer sarees. With flowers in your hair and a dazzling smile, you are the queen of all your survey!

Bridal Jewellery : Warrior Princess

Bridal Jewellery

Look fierce. Look sharp. We have collections inspired by Warrior Princesses and legendary Queens, in styles that will add sass to your look. Bold, gold with exquisite detailing of pearl beads, glittering stones, and enameling, this is a style you would want to own.

Top Jewelry Trends



The 1970s: Top Jewelry Trends

The feminist movement. Make love, no longer struggle. Disco nights. The seventies were a time of social upheaval and sturdy style statements. And the iconic 70’s Jewelry pieces that outline 70’s earrings developments of the generation are just as bold. 

Growing up within the 70s I owned and almost by no means took off the Bone Cuff. My mother owned The Love Bracelet. My aunts and cousins that desired a bolder appearance wore the Monete pendant. Although the Love Bracelet and Monete necklace had been firstly created inside the mid-to past due the sixties, they, like the Bone Cuff, have become the have to-have rings of the seventies. The renowned jewelry houses that created them have been savvy sufficient to apprehend the cultural adjustments that had been taking place and create pieces that completely meditated the style of the time. The decade wasn’t ablaze with diamonds. It became sculpted in sparkling polished steel. 

These iconic 70’s jewelry pieces have been now not best innovative in style, they have been additionally evolutionary. They became collections, had been reinterpreted, and by no means went out of fashion. All are still now not the most effective produced nowadays. They may be as coveted as they were back when they had been created. Thanks to the millennial generation, who are seeing those designs for the very first time. There is a revival of both the vintage and new incarnations. The records of these portions, the movie star aspect then and now, and wearable versatility had made them as collectible today as they have been when they were first delivered. 

Top Jewelry Trends:Cartier Love Bracelet

Top Jewelry Trends

Perhaps one of the maximum critical 70’s rings Items turned into the Cartier Love bracelet, designed in 1969, become released to represent enduring devotion, but over the last 45 years it has additionally come to intend eternal sublime. Both celebrities and ladies of all demographics are still head over heels with the original style in addition to the multiple versions that have been released in view that. 

The bracelet’s clothier Aldo Cipullo changed into inspired through ancient cultures and encouraged through the medieval chastity belt. The love bracelet is geared up onto the wrist in two components, secured with a small screwdriver, and is to be worn “till death we do the component.” The screwdriver also can be worn as a unisex necklace. At the unique launch at its boutique in New York, Cartier provided twin bracelets to 25 of the sector’s mythical couples, including Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponte, and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Other couples that owned the bracelets were Nancy and Frank Sinatra, Dyan Cannon and Cary Grant, and Ali MacGraw and Steve McQueen. 

Today, these bracelets were noticed on famous wrists inclusive of Cameron Diaz, Pippa Middleton, Sofia Coppola, Lindsay Lohan and Angelina Jolie. In Manhattan, it’s been suggested that infirmaries hold the small screwdriver accessible in case of an emergency. The Love collection is the most important and most successful in Cartier’s records, now consisting of earrings, rings, cufflinks, and a couple of versions of the bracelets with diamonds and colored gemstones in red, yellow and white gold. 

Top Jewelry Trends:Bulgari Monete Necklace

Top Jewelry Trends

Another icon of 70s jewelry is the coin necklace from the Bulgari Monete series. After years of steeply-priced and glamorous gemstone and diamond rings, the world over the renowned residence of Bulgari, which changed into at the beginning founded by Sortirio Bulgari in his local Greece which moved to Italy in 1905, advanced to grow to be a favorite prevent for American actors and actresses filming in Rome. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Tyron Power and his second wife Linda Christiansen, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren and Gina Lolobrigida. The emblem was handed down from era to era and inside the mid-sixties the new intention changed into creating jewelry to put on every day that became nonetheless elegant. The Monete collection changed into born in 1966 and endured to advantage reputation all through the 70’s rings developments with celebrities on the rise together with Susan Sarandon, Candice Bergen and Jane Fonda, who all owned the necklace. 

The Monete necklace is one of the two maximum iconic 70’s rings portions of the residence (the other being the Serpentini bracelets). The necklaces function established vintage coins within the center, which talk to the manufacturers’ lengthy status lifestyle in rings courting returned to Ancient Rome. Nicola Bulgari, an enthusiastic coin collector, advocated the debut of the collection. In all the Monete pieces, the actual cash are preserved unaltered: the mountings follow their contours. Each bezel setting is engraved on the again in Italian with the call of the emperors on the coins, the dates they had been in electricity and the sort of coin. In nowadays’s Monete series, Bulgari continues to feature cash from historical Greece and Rome to early 20th century America. 

All of those seventies ring icons are extraordinarily collectible and antique portions and are very marketable, especially if they’re in a proper situation.

Celebrities beyond and present and ladies who respect both vintage and contemporary earrings have lent these pieces the big-name electricity they deserve and could hold them shining nicely into the future for the girls who’ve but to discover them.



Natural yellow diamonds are uncommon, however how rare? Only one diamond in nearly every 10,000 is a yellow diamond

Some diamonds are stronger by using a guy to turn out to be yellow diamonds, whilst others are yellow certainly. Enhanced and herbal yellow diamonds appearance different. This put up covers natural yellow diamonds

Looking for yellow? Selecting a yellow diamond is one of a kind than deciding on a white diamond. 



Color is the maximum vital function when deciding on a natural yellow diamond. The deeper the coloration, the rarer, and consequently greater steeply-priced. Deeper colored yellow diamonds are sometimes called canary diamonds. 

A yellow diamond will commonly have an undertone that is considered one of two colors. The first is an orangey color that gives the diamond a heat or golden coloration. The 2d is a greenish color that offers the diamond a groovy or lemony color. Neither undertone color is more valuable; it’s far a private desire. 


NATURAL YELLOW DIAMONDS Clarity in a natural yellow diamond is not as important as for a white diamond. This is because readability inclusions tend to be masked by the yellow coloration. 



Yellow diamonds are cut to maximize their color, while white diamonds are cut to maximize their brilliance. The maximum notable cut is round, and therefore most white diamonds are cut in a round shape. But the spherical form commonly lessens the amount of coloration in a yellow diamond, so you’ll find fewer of them. Square forms of cuts maximize a diamond’s shade, so that you’ll discover a larger percentage of these. 



In white diamonds, fluorescence is commonly appeared upon as a terrible (Sometimes fluorescence may be a superb thing in white diamonds and can internet you a deal. But fluorescence in yellow diamonds can upload to the depth of the shade, supplying you with a higher searching yellow diamond at a better fee. 


Prices of white diamonds are primarily based upon a bigger delivery and very lively buying and selling. Yellow diamonds are plenty rarer, and no longer able to be as compared in an equal way. The rule of thumb is the deeper the shade, the better the charge. Very yellow natural diamonds, known as vivid yellow diamonds, can fetch expenses that substantially exceed the fees of white diamonds. On the opposite hand, light yellow diamonds are much less than white diamonds. 


  1. Set the diamond in yellow gold, choosing excessive karat steel, which includes 18 karats or 22 karats yellow gold. Custom settings provide you with more options.
  2. Do you want diamonds set in bezels? Setting a yellow diamond in a bezel will boom the depth of the color.
  3. Contrast the yellow diamond with white or different colored diamonds.





Everyone loves receiving a present, however it’s miles more special while it’s given thoughtfully or suddenly. Here are a few creative ways to provide a present: 

Adorn a Stuffed Animal (or a live one!) 


Have the animal ‘put on’ the jewelry if it is a necklace, bracelet or jewelry? Tie a ring on a ribbon around its neck. 

Surprise Delivery 


Have a friend or an enterprise deliver a bouquet of vegetation. Put your gift inside the plants, or tie it across the vase with a ribbon. 

Hidden Surprise 

Hide your present inside of her favored candies, a tin of cookies, plant life or plant. Is she a mother or a grandma? Hide it inner an empty Play-Doh can! 

Scavenger Hunt 

Write clues that take her around the house, the neighborhood or maybe the metropolis! Use places which can be meaningful or that give clues for your gift

Inside a Nut 

Yes, it’s proper. For small portions of jewelry, cautiously open a walnut and scoop out its contents. Put a few felt in it and nestle your jewelry interior. Then near it up and wrap it with a ribbon for an innovative way to offer a present! 

On a Platter 

Take her out to eat at her favored eating place. Prearrange with the staff to convey out her gift on a platter. We do now not propose losing it in her drink of stuffing it into her meals! 

Surprise her at Fox Fine Jewelry 


Write her a sweet notice and convey it to us. We’ll vicinity your word with your gift in a preselected region. Want it in the window? Where is she remaining saw her favored piece of jewelry? We’ll assist you to marvel her! 





The quality jewelry to offer your girlfriend (or wife, partner or friend) depends upon the message you need to give your girlfriend. From there, we can have a look at the type of jewelry – earrings, pendant, bracelet or ring – and the design fashion. 


JEWELRYGiving earrings on your girlfriend sends a message and also you want to ship the proper one! Jewelry can say 

  1. I love you and we’ve got a destiny together 
  2. It’s fantastic being collectively, but I’m now not sure but if we’ve a future together
  3. We’ve slightly been together and I assume I’m in love 
  4. We’re relationship and that’s all it will ever be 
  5. I’m sorry
  6. The cause you’re giving earrings to your girlfriend will help decide what to present her. The higher up the listing, the larger the look and the price have to be. If “You’ve barely been collectively and I think I’m in love,” then pick out carefully! Purchase something tremendous to the 2 of you, but not too expensive. If it’s the primary rings you’ve given to your female friend, it’ll in all likelihood be loved all the time. If you’re giving jewelry for your lady friend to say I’m sorry, then how big is the mistake? The bigger the mistake, the larger the gift. 



Sapphire and diamond vintage ring, pendant, earrings or bracelet? The essential rule to recall is that jewelry has, which means, mainly diamond rings! They imply “I am dedicated to you.” A very cool gemstone ring can mean “We may have a destiny collectively”; however a diamond ring manner “We definitely have a future collectively.” In truth, any diamond ring you supply your girlfriend will probably be interpreted as both a promise ring or an engagement ring. 

Pendants and rings are the safest gifts to get. Bracelets also are an excellent choice, but handiest if she wears bracelets already. While almost all ladies put on pendants and rings, there may be a divide amongst ladies about bracelets. They either love bracelets and wear them, or by no means wear them in any respect. 

There’s another benefit to giving pendants and rings on your girlfriend: many ladies wear them as fixed. This approach that once Valentine’s Day pops up, if you obtain your girlfriend a pendant, you could get her the matching earrings or vice versa! 



What’s her fashion? If she’s a free spirit, choose natural shapes. If she’s careful and methodical, chose designs that are balanced with instant strains. 

The default steel is white, whether or not platinum, white gold or silver. Chose yellow gold most effective in case you recognize that’s her choice. Some girls who put on yellow gold best put on it because their jewelry is older, and in reality, they would like to acquire white gold. Is your lady friend more youthful and more fabulous fashion conscious? Consider a white gold piece accented with rose gold. 

Does she love turtles or did you’re taking a memorable experience to the seashore? Consider a bit of jewelry with a turtle in it, pearl earrings or earrings with blue gemstones. Give your female friend something that reminds her of “us.” 


While this gives trendy records, it enables us to get steering. Does she have a Pinterest account? An appropriate buddy or sister? Does she have a favorite jewelry store? 

Many jewelers, like Fox Fine Jewelry, preserve a “Wish List” of ladies’ favorite gadgets. At a minimum, a skilled salesclerk can ask you a few key questions to assist guide you. Bring a couple of pix of her in your phone so the salesperson can see her coloring, garb fashion, the shape of her face, and duration of her neck. This will help them help you choose the proper rings for your lady friend! 




People, or even jewelers, use the period antique, but its that means isn’t as clean as property or vintage. And there is a difference! An antique engagement ring is over 50 years old, which now manner anything made earlier than the early 1960s. Most people don’t think about a 1960 technology ring as an antique engagement ring! An estate engagement ring is simply pre-owned and might have been sold as recently as last year. A vintage engagement ring is a conversational period without any described that means. However, some use the period antique to intend a brand new ring styled to look like a hoop from an older generation. The actual name for that is a reproduction.


RETRO ENGAGEMENT RINGSThe patterns and dates beneath are generalizations most effective. Styles did no longer unexpectedly alternate at a particular time; there were many overlapping. Even the dates are approximate. 

Victorian vintage engagement earrings (1837 – 1901) 


The discovery of diamonds in South Africa made diamonds a desired gemstone in the overdue Victorian duration. Many earrings of this period feature rows of diamonds. Victorian vintage engagement rings, particularly in the course of the latter part of the generation, were frequently finished with ornate decoration and engraving. 

Edwardian antique engagement jewelry (1901 – 1920) 


Named for King Edward of Britain, Edwardian antique engagement ring styles kept a good deal of the overdue Victorian era patterns. With the discovery of the oxyacetylene torch, platinum have become the steel of the day. Platinum allowed for improved open filigree work and lacy designs. Designs with bows, flora, and scrolls complimented the Edwardian woman’s silk clothes with lace and feather-topped hats. Most models featured white on white: diamonds or diamonds and pearls set in platinum for a complicated look of the top class. 

Art Deco antique engagement earrings (1920 – 1935) 


The global threw off the old and entered into an era of flappers, jazz, gangsters and speakeasies. Jewelry, including Art Deco engagement jewelry, changed into any other manner for ladies to specific their individuality. Gone had been the lacy scrolls and vegetation. The new Art Deco engagement jewelry had been playful and a laugh, with geometric shapes and instantly traces. Think of the cubist style of Picasso, the Empire State Building and the Golden Gate Bridge.