2020 Engagement Ring Trends: 6 Designs You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere!

Every year we look forward to seeing the most popular styles and trends, and 2020 will be a great year! The minimalist style, focusing on the center stone, will definitely continue to be popular. Whether it is oval, cushion-shaped, or round, we like the simple setting made of beautiful stones. The color will also play a significant role in the choice of metal and stone. In the future, we will see a lot of rose gold and sapphire! Are you looking for the perfect ring? Read on to know our best predictions for the trend of engagement rings in 2020!

1. Engagement Ring Trends: Simple Solitaires

Engagement Ring TrendsWhen talking about today’s engagement ring, the “less is more” statement is correct. Minimalist design will continue to become mainstream in 2020; you just can’t beat this classic and timeless design. We love solitaires for ordinary rings made of platinum, white gold, or gold, focusing only on diamonds and diamond rings with extra glitter!

2. Engagement Ring Trends: Ovals

Although round-cut diamonds still rank first, oval-shaped diamonds are gradually gaining popularity! This elegant shape has a classic feel but slightly twisted to make your diamond stand out from the crowd. We like their unique and clean appearance (in addition, the slim shape makes your fingers look long and thin!). The oval shape with or without halo looks great. You can also consider using the East and West settings to unpack!

3. Engagement Ring Trends: Rose Gold

Engagement Ring TrendsRose gold is currently very large and will continue to grow huge in 2020! The blush looks good on any skin tone and has the lovely feminine flavor we like. Many people see it as a unique alternative to the popular platinum or white gold. If full rose gold isn’t for you, consider accents of it either around the center diamond or just on the band.

4. Engagement Ring Trends: Vintage Inspired

Over the past few years, all vintages have experienced a severe recovery, and engagement rings are no exception. From the Art Deco style to the Victorian retro design, all give people a romantic feeling, making these rings a popular choice for marriage proposals. Their old-world charm is fascinating. In addition, we like how detailed these designs are! Although the vintage may be trendy, this style can last a lifetime.

5. Engagement Ring Trends: Cushions

Seat cushion cutting is a traditional Hollywood charm, becoming more and more popular as the preferred diamond shape. Somewhere between the circle and the princess cut, the cushion still has a classic feel without having to use it out of the box. Next year we will often see this shape, especially with a halo!

6. Engagement Ring Trends: Sapphires

Engagement Ring TrendsThis royal trend is getting bigger and bigger in 2020. Although diamonds may still be the standard, we now like the trend of replacing the stone, especially sapphire! If you want to add some color to the engagement ring, then elegant blue gems are a perfect choice. Use it as your main stone or add some sapphire side stones to decorate the main diamond.

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