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Four amazing times when you should take off your engagement ring

Have you recently gotten engaged and like to show off that gorgeous diamond ring? You may know all the tips and tricks for proper care of your engagement ring, but do you know that you should take off your engagement ring all the time?

You might think that you are an active person, like going to the beach, going to the gym and participating in many other fun activities. So is it safe to wear an engagement at these times? Do you damage it when you perform specific actions? Will the ring lose its luster? The short answer is that, depending on your lifestyle, it is not always safe to keep the commandments.

Newlyweds keep asking us this question. To help you, we have made a list of the top four times you should consider taking off your engagement ring!

1) Take Off Your Engagement Ring – Working Out

Take off your ring If you are a fitness fan or like to participate in different fitness classes, I am sure you want to know whether it is safe to wear an engagement ring. It all depends on your exercise regimen.

To figure out whether it is safe to wear an engagement ring while exercising, you must consider a few things. How do you Working Out? Are you an avid yogi? Or do you sweat by lifting weights? Remember here that if any heavy objects (such as dumbbells ) rub against your ring for a long time, it is recommended to remove it. This is because the strap may be scratched or damaged, causing the ring to loosen, making it impossible to hold the diamond firmly.

If you want to wear an engagement ring but don’t want to put it in during exercise, there are many options for wearing an engagement ring! You can try to buy a simple chain and then put the engagement ring on the necklace.

2) Take Off Your Engagement Ring – At The Beach Or When Swimming

Take off your ring The answer to this question is more direct. We strongly recommend not to wear your engagement ring on the beach or while swimming in a pool, ocean or lake. There are many reasons behind this answer, but to make a long story short, if you swim in cool water, your fingers will “shrink.” What will the contracted fingers bring? The engagement ring is too big! Therefore, if you are sure that you want to wear an engagement ring in one of these settings, please be extra careful. The chance of losing or falling off an engagement ring is significantly increased.

Another reason you should take off your engagement ring when you are at the beach or pool is that sunscreen may negatively affect the ring. Sunscreen can form a film on metal bands and diamonds. If the sunscreen on the engagement ring is not removed immediately, it can dull the diamond its sparkle. Who wants it?

In addition to sunscreen, if you swim in a chlorine pool, you need to be aware that certain metals can be adversely affected by chlorine. Unless your ring is platinum, the chlorine and other chemicals in the pool will affect and possibly change the color of the gold band over time.

3) Take Off Your Engagement Ring – Cleaning

Whether you are only cleaning your home or working on a job that requires a lot of cleaning or chemical work, you must take off your engagement ring or wear gloves to protect it. Harmful chemicals and bleach in cleaning products can damage metal bands and diamonds. Will form a layer on the stone, preventing light reflection and reducing flicker. Therefore, we recommend that you safely store your engagement ring or wear gloves when cleaning!

4) Take Off Your Engagement Ring – When applying makeup or moisturizing

Take off your ring

Now, ladies, I know this is a complicated process. Your daily routine may include all preparations for the day. Maybe you apply moisturizer first and then start makeup. Like sunscreen, moisturizers, and liquid ingredients can form a dull layer on the diamond and mask the stone is beautiful. Because this is your daily work, this “mask” will continue to accumulate and affect the diamond is brilliance. This layer of moisturizer or makeup may also be sticky and cause other substances to stick to your diamond, reducing sparks and glow.

Do you want to take off your engagement ring before going to bed? Get in the habit of waiting to put on your clothes until you are dressed and ready to take off. If you accidentally put on the ring when you forget to put on makeup, please don’t sweat! Just make sure to clean the ring and remember the next time.

Some final advice on protecting your ring and keeping the gorgeous sparkle is to ensure it. If you do decide to remove the ring at all these times, you will increase the risk of losing the ring.

Custom-designed engagement rings

Five times to consider custom-designed engagement rings.

Curious about whether a customized engagement ring is right for you? Well, suppose you have already started looking for the perfect ring. You have learned 4c and have begun to browse different styles, designers, and options in many stores. You can’t seem to find her perfect ring.

But.maybe the ring you are looking for does not exist! A custom ring design may be what you want.

It sounds like a custom design engagement ring is a unique ring designed and made for her. This option enables you to get what you need. Still not sure if this route is right for you? Check out these five times; you should consider custom design engagement rings:

1) When the ring is not found

custom-designed engagement rings.After endless searching, you found the ring she dreamed of, but you haven’t seen anything that amazes her. It may have been a few months, and you feel depressed! You already know the styles and aspects of individual rings, and you know she will like them, but you haven’t found a ring that can incorporate them all. If you have explored all the options in many shops but still haven’t found the perfect ring, designing a custom engagement ring is for you.

When designing a custom ring, you can combine everything you like about different rings into one ring. In this way, you have all the luxurious features to create the ideal ring she dreams. By designing a customized engagement ring, she can get what she wants.

2) When You Have A Specific Design In Mind

custom-designed engagement rings.

You’re ready to propose and have an incredibly unique, intricate design already planned out. You have your mind wholly set and don’t even want to look at other options because you are SO sure of the exact design. Well, if this is the case, custom design is your best bet.

Or maybe you’re an artist, or even an engineer, and know the exact positioning, angles, and creative artistry you want her ring to have. When you create a custom design engagement ring, you can work hands-on with the designer to make the perfect piece.

3) When You Already Have A Stone

custom-designed engagement rings.Maybe you have a stone that has been in your family for generations that you know you want to incorporate. Or even something you bought loose and wants to work. Whatever it is, this is a great option to use the stone you have precisely the way you want. Design the ring to fit that particular stone perfectly and make her the gorgeous engagement ring she’s always wanted!

4) When You Have A Heirloom Ring

Let’s say you have an engagement ring that has been passed down in your family for as long as one can remember. You know you want to use the ring but feel it isn’t the best fit for the woman you are about to propose. You don’t want to buy her a brand new ring because you know she will appreciate the significance of the heirloom ring. So what can you do?

Well, this is a time you might want to consider customizing the ring. Custom designing an engagement ring doesn’t necessarily mean building one from scratch; it might mean changing only a few things on the ring. It could mean adding accent stones, filigree or engraving, or using the stones and re-working it into another setting. Whatever it is, you can work with an heirloom ring to make it a perfect fit.

5) When you want to give her a gorgeous ring

You know she wants something unique, and you want to give her something that no one else will have. You want her quite literally to have a one-of-a-kind ring. The best way to ensure that no one else on the planet will have her exact ring is to custom design it. When custom designing an engagement ring, you can create that gorgeous ring with all that much more emotional meaning. It takes more time and planning, but give her something and she will know that you have helped design and make a lot of things, and will only increase the importance of suggestions.

Princess Diana’s Will

Top 5 British Royal Jewelry Pieces

2020 Engagement Ring Trends

Princess Diana’s Will And Estate Revealed 

Did Princess Diana have a will? It’s one of the most typically asked questions regarding the loved Princess of Wales, who died in a car crash in August of 1997 at the younger age of 36. The short solution is “sure.” Below we explore who had been its beneficiaries, the cost of her estate, what passed off to her wedding get dressed, and extra… 

Princess Diana’s Will & Testament: Who Were The Beneficiaries? 

Princess Diana’s Will

Princess Diana’s will named several beneficiaries, with the chief heirs being Prince William and Prince Harry. The can even named Princess Diana’s loved butler, Paul Burrell, as a beneficiary. Her 17 godchildren had been also named as beneficiaries. Princess Diana’s mother, The Honourable Frances Ruth Shand Kydd, and her sister, The Lady Elizabeth Sarah Lavinia McCorquodale, had been the desire’s executors and trustees. 

What Was The Value Of Princess Diana’s Estate? 

According to an appendix to Princess Diana’s Will with the aid of The High Court of Justice, the gross cost of her property becomes £21,711,485. The estate’s internet value become listed at £21,468,352. After inheritance taxes, the property’s price became about £12,966,022

How Were Monies And Chattel Listed In Princess Diana’s Will Distributed? 

Following approval by using The High Court of Justice, the estate become distributed consistent with Princess Diana’s desires, as follows: 

1. £50,000 become willed to Paul Burrell, who served as Princess Diana’s Butler from 1987 until her demise.

2.Certain belongings have been left to the Princess’s 17 godchildren. Sentimental images, artwork, and china have been amongst these items, which the desire refers to as “chattels” or property.

3.A discretionary fund outlining advantages for the princes, theirfuture spouses and circle ofrelatives contributors, and unique charities received £100,000, plus all of Princess Diana’s wearing garb, such as her famed wedding ceremony get dressed. Charities have also been to get hold of monies earned via royalties brought in from authorized business use of highbrow assets, including her likeness, her name, and the display of private outcomes along with rings and designer gowns. Accumulated interest and profits earned through belongings were also to benefit the fund through the Perpetuity Period, after which any closing monies are to help any dwelling descendants of Princess Diana’s sons, Princes William and Harry.

4.The remainder of Princess Diana’s estate, which is officially called the residuary property, become to be divided flippantly among her sons. As they have been younger youngsters on time in their mom’s passing, they had been set to acquire their inheritances when they reached the age of 30, although they have been granted get right of entry to profits from monies held in accept as real with after they reached the age of 25.

What Happened To Princess Diana’s Jewelry And Wedding Dress? 

Princess Diana’s Will

Princess Diana’s wedding dress of ivory silk and taffeta lace stunned the sector during the televised broadcast of the 1981 Royal Wedding at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Designed by way of David and Elizabeth Emanuel, the hand-embroidered get dressed featured greater than 10,000 pearls and mother-of-pearl sequins, plus a 25-foot educate, that is renowned as the longest in the records of the British royal own family. 

The royal wedding ceremony dress was held inside the custody of Princess Diana’s brother following her loss of life; it toured the sector and changed into regularly on view at Althorp, which is the own family’s Northampton estate. When Prince Harry grew to become 30 on September 15 of 2014, the gown changed into transferred to the princes as part of their inheritance. It is unknown whether Princess Diana’s wedding dress might be showcased at Kensington Palace, in which a lot of her famous attire and fits are on display. 

Princess Diana’s rings

Many of Princess Diana’s rings items, non-public outcomes, and letters had been transferred simultaneously, alongside the rating and lyrics to “Candle inside the Wind,” which is the track Elton John adapted and finished at Princess Diana’s funeral.Kate Middleton, who is Prince William’s spouse and Duchess of Cambridge, is sometimes seen carrying a number of the jewelry left to the princes’ destiny other halves in Princess Diana’s Will. In her Letter of Wishes, she said that “I would love you to allocate all my rings to the percentage to be held by my sons, so that their better halves may additionally, in due direction, have it or use it. I depart the precise department of the jewelry to your discretion.” 

Perhaps most well-known of all is Princess Diana’s engagement ring, which Prince William provided to Kate Middleton, additionally as an engagement ring. The Duchess is regularly photographed wearing the Lover’s Knot Tiara at formal occasions, and she frequently wears Diana’s sapphire jewelry, which might be mirror pictures of the engagement ring.

Royal Jewelry Pieces

2020 Engagement Ring Trends

Top 5 British Royal Jewelry Pieces

British royal earrings have captivated the sector for thousands of years. We locate surprise in everything from the treasures of ancient Egypt to present-day portions consisting of royal blue rings worn by way of princesses Diana and Kate.

Meghan Markle’s Engagement Ring 

British Royal Jewelry Pieces Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle with a lovely engagement ring that incorporates diamonds willed to Prince Harry through his mom, Princess Diana. The ring is beautiful, with a significant diamond flanked by using two smaller ones, all set in yellow gold. The ordinary look is well-balanced and is perfectly sized for Meghan Markle’s hand. 

Designed by Prince Harry himself and homemade through British rings company Cleave and Company, this royal engagement ring holds a unique meaning. The premier diamond was sourced in Botswana, which is one of the couple’s favorite destinations; meanwhile, the 2 facet diamonds are from Princess Diana’s series. Like Prince William, Prince Harry desired to make sure that his mother’s reminiscence became venerated as he proposed to Meghan Markle, who turns into a reputable UK citizen after marriage. And who will eventually bear the Royal identify of Duchess of Sussex. 

Princess Diana’s Engagement Ring 

British Royal Jewelry Pieces In February of 1981, Charles, Prince of Wales, has become engaged to Lady Diana Spencer, imparting her with a ring presenting a 12-carat oval Ceylon sapphire surrounded by using 14 diamonds. The ring stayed inside the family after Princess Diana’s tragic passing. In 2010, Prince William provided it to Catherine Middleton, now affectionately known as Princess Kate. This cherished piece is frequently imitated, with manufacturers rendering it both precious stones and lab-created ones. It’s many of the simplest royal blue jewelry that seems to make your very own if you feel so willing! 

Britain’s Coronation Necklace And Earrings 

Created for Queen Victoria in 1858 and worn by using queens at all coronations in view that 1901. The coronation necklace capabilities a pendant made with the 22.48-carat Lahore Diamond, plus 25 cushion-cut diamonds in sizes up to 11.25 carats alongside its length. The coronation jewelry function three diamonds apiece, with pear-formed pendants to suit the Lahore diamond. Queen Elizabeth II keeps to wear this set today; it’s often visible at State Opening of Parliament ceremonies. And it may be visible in her Diamond Jubilee portrait as properly. 

The Timur Ruby Necklace 

The Timur Ruby Necklace is a captivating piece and an essential part of the British Crown’s earrings series. At its coronary heart lies the uncut 361-carat Timur Ruby, which is a spinel. The Timur ruby exceeded thru numerous fingers for the subsequent centuries, sooner or later making its manner into Britain’s Royal Treasury in 1851, as a gift to Queen Victoria. It, together with three different large rubies, is set in a gold and diamond necklace in 1853. 

The necklace itself is quite charming. Queen Mary had a few alterations made to the necklace so that certain diamonds may be eliminated and used as jewelry, however she by no means wore it. Neither has Queen Elizabeth II although she has referred to that she reveals the piece captivating. 

The Greville Festoon Necklace 

A really staggering piece through Cartier, the Greville Festoon Necklace dates again to 1929. It initially contained two rows of spherical diamonds framed in platinum and infinite pave diamonds. The necklace’s first owner changed into Dame Commander Margaret Greville, who in 1938 had 3 more rows of diamonds delivered, so that it could be worn as a two-strand, three-strand, or five-strand necklace. Dame Greville, a close pal of Queen Mary’s, willed her jewelry collection to Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. The Queen obtained the Greville Festoon necklace in 1942, and wore it frequently, often who prefer the shorter, 3-strand look. Today, the necklace stays part of Britain’s crown jewels. 

2020 Engagement Ring Trends


2020 Engagement Ring Trends: 6 Designs You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere!

Every year we look forward to seeing the most popular styles and trends, and 2020 will be a great year! The minimalist style, focusing on the center stone, will definitely continue to be popular. Whether it is oval, cushion-shaped, or round, we like the simple setting made of beautiful stones. The color will also play a significant role in the choice of metal and stone. In the future, we will see a lot of rose gold and sapphire! Are you looking for the perfect ring? Read on to know our best predictions for the trend of engagement rings in 2020!

1. Engagement Ring Trends: Simple Solitaires

Engagement Ring TrendsWhen talking about today’s engagement ring, the “less is more” statement is correct. Minimalist design will continue to become mainstream in 2020; you just can’t beat this classic and timeless design. We love solitaires for ordinary rings made of platinum, white gold, or gold, focusing only on diamonds and diamond rings with extra glitter!

2. Engagement Ring Trends: Ovals

Although round-cut diamonds still rank first, oval-shaped diamonds are gradually gaining popularity! This elegant shape has a classic feel but slightly twisted to make your diamond stand out from the crowd. We like their unique and clean appearance (in addition, the slim shape makes your fingers look long and thin!). The oval shape with or without halo looks great. You can also consider using the East and West settings to unpack!

3. Engagement Ring Trends: Rose Gold

Engagement Ring TrendsRose gold is currently very large and will continue to grow huge in 2020! The blush looks good on any skin tone and has the lovely feminine flavor we like. Many people see it as a unique alternative to the popular platinum or white gold. If full rose gold isn’t for you, consider accents of it either around the center diamond or just on the band.

4. Engagement Ring Trends: Vintage Inspired

Over the past few years, all vintages have experienced a severe recovery, and engagement rings are no exception. From the Art Deco style to the Victorian retro design, all give people a romantic feeling, making these rings a popular choice for marriage proposals. Their old-world charm is fascinating. In addition, we like how detailed these designs are! Although the vintage may be trendy, this style can last a lifetime.

5. Engagement Ring Trends: Cushions

Seat cushion cutting is a traditional Hollywood charm, becoming more and more popular as the preferred diamond shape. Somewhere between the circle and the princess cut, the cushion still has a classic feel without having to use it out of the box. Next year we will often see this shape, especially with a halo!

6. Engagement Ring Trends: Sapphires

Engagement Ring TrendsThis royal trend is getting bigger and bigger in 2020. Although diamonds may still be the standard, we now like the trend of replacing the stone, especially sapphire! If you want to add some color to the engagement ring, then elegant blue gems are a perfect choice. Use it as your main stone or add some sapphire side stones to decorate the main diamond.

Solitaire engagement rings

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Four ways to add something special for Solitaire engagement rings

Solitaire engagement ringsWe have all heard the saying, “less is more.” But you might think that this mentality will not apply when dreaming of a perfect engagement ring. However, today, the trend of minimalism is so popular. best wedding jewelry to consider in 2020.

However, suppose you dream of a single diamond and still want to make a splash when showing off the newly decorated ring finger to friends and family. There are many ways to choose a solitaire engagement ring. This ring will make the audience amazed and bring easy, sparkling beauty to the simple ring.

Read on to learn four ways to add fun to the solitaire ring and make the ring finger as bright as a diamond.

Go with a Colored Stone

If you like the simplicity of a solitaire ring, but traditional diamonds are not for you, consider using colored gemstones as the focus. Some colored gemstones (such as sapphire) have almost the same hardness as diamonds, which means that it is a durable gemstone worn daily. If you keep the ring flat, you can make sure that your gem is the main focus because it can capture light and illuminate your ring finger.

Switch Up the Setting

The most typical setting for a diamond engagement ring is to use some kind of pointed tip to lift one or more diamonds above the strap and display them on the front and center. One method of mixed-use is to consider using other settings for the diamond, as the bezel setting.

The bezel setting completely surrounds your diamond in the metal of your choice and has a stylish and modern look that distinguishes your ring from other rings.

Let Your Diamond Take a Different Shape

Solitaire engagement rings

Diamonds can be cut into various shapes. If you only want to set one on the ring, you may wish to explore all the necessary options to find the perfect diamond shape for your engagement ring. It may be that you have seen many round diamonds in a day, and you may be looking for more products out of the box.

So, how about a princess cut? The solitaire ring does not often let you see something. The square diamond has a gorgeous, glittering surface area and can be correctly inserted on the finger while highlighting the position of the claw.

Add Some Diamonds (to Your Ring)

Solitaire engagement ringsIf you’re sticking with the solitaire trend, but hope there is a way to add more charm to the engagement ring, then don’t be afraid to keep going, looking for a ring with diamonds on the ring to give you a 360-degree light.

Adding diamonds to the ring is not comparable to solitaire diamonds but can complement the focus of the ring (in this case, a bold, bright oval) and bring a warm, shining light from all angles.

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