Four ways to add something special for Solitaire engagement rings

Solitaire engagement ringsWe have all heard the saying, “less is more.” But you might think that this mentality will not apply when dreaming of a perfect engagement ring. However, today, the trend of minimalism is so popular. best wedding jewelry to consider in 2020.

However, suppose you dream of a single diamond and still want to make a splash when showing off the newly decorated ring finger to friends and family. There are many ways to choose a solitaire engagement ring. This ring will make the audience amazed and bring easy, sparkling beauty to the simple ring.

Read on to learn four ways to add fun to the solitaire ring and make the ring finger as bright as a diamond.

Go with a Colored Stone

If you like the simplicity of a solitaire ring, but traditional diamonds are not for you, consider using colored gemstones as the focus. Some colored gemstones (such as sapphire) have almost the same hardness as diamonds, which means that it is a durable gemstone worn daily. If you keep the ring flat, you can make sure that your gem is the main focus because it can capture light and illuminate your ring finger.

Switch Up the Setting

The most typical setting for a diamond engagement ring is to use some kind of pointed tip to lift one or more diamonds above the strap and display them on the front and center. One method of mixed-use is to consider using other settings for the diamond, as the bezel setting.

The bezel setting completely surrounds your diamond in the metal of your choice and has a stylish and modern look that distinguishes your ring from other rings.

Let Your Diamond Take a Different Shape

Solitaire engagement rings

Diamonds can be cut into various shapes. If you only want to set one on the ring, you may wish to explore all the necessary options to find the perfect diamond shape for your engagement ring. It may be that you have seen many round diamonds in a day, and you may be looking for more products out of the box.

So, how about a princess cut? The solitaire ring does not often let you see something. The square diamond has a gorgeous, glittering surface area and can be correctly inserted on the finger while highlighting the position of the claw.

Add Some Diamonds (to Your Ring)

Solitaire engagement ringsIf you’re sticking with the solitaire trend, but hope there is a way to add more charm to the engagement ring, then don’t be afraid to keep going, looking for a ring with diamonds on the ring to give you a 360-degree light.

Adding diamonds to the ring is not comparable to solitaire diamonds but can complement the focus of the ring (in this case, a bold, bright oval) and bring a warm, shining light from all angles.

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