Four amazing times when you should take off your engagement ring

Have you recently gotten engaged and like to show off that gorgeous diamond ring? You may know all the tips and tricks for proper care of your engagement ring, but do you know that you should take off your engagement ring all the time?

You might think that you are an active person, like going to the beach, going to the gym and participating in many other fun activities. So is it safe to wear an engagement at these times? Do you damage it when you perform specific actions? Will the ring lose its luster? The short answer is that, depending on your lifestyle, it is not always safe to keep the commandments.

Newlyweds keep asking us this question. To help you, we have made a list of the top four times you should consider taking off your engagement ring!

1) Take Off Your Engagement Ring – Working Out

Take off your ring If you are a fitness fan or like to participate in different fitness classes, I am sure you want to know whether it is safe to wear an engagement ring. It all depends on your exercise regimen.

To figure out whether it is safe to wear an engagement ring while exercising, you must consider a few things. How do you Working Out? Are you an avid yogi? Or do you sweat by lifting weights? Remember here that if any heavy objects (such as dumbbells ) rub against your ring for a long time, it is recommended to remove it. This is because the strap may be scratched or damaged, causing the ring to loosen, making it impossible to hold the diamond firmly.

If you want to wear an engagement ring but don’t want to put it in during exercise, there are many options for wearing an engagement ring! You can try to buy a simple chain and then put the engagement ring on the necklace.

2) Take Off Your Engagement Ring – At The Beach Or When Swimming

Take off your ring The answer to this question is more direct. We strongly recommend not to wear your engagement ring on the beach or while swimming in a pool, ocean or lake. There are many reasons behind this answer, but to make a long story short, if you swim in cool water, your fingers will “shrink.” What will the contracted fingers bring? The engagement ring is too big! Therefore, if you are sure that you want to wear an engagement ring in one of these settings, please be extra careful. The chance of losing or falling off an engagement ring is significantly increased.

Another reason you should take off your engagement ring when you are at the beach or pool is that sunscreen may negatively affect the ring. Sunscreen can form a film on metal bands and diamonds. If the sunscreen on the engagement ring is not removed immediately, it can dull the diamond its sparkle. Who wants it?

In addition to sunscreen, if you swim in a chlorine pool, you need to be aware that certain metals can be adversely affected by chlorine. Unless your ring is platinum, the chlorine and other chemicals in the pool will affect and possibly change the color of the gold band over time.

3) Take Off Your Engagement Ring – Cleaning

Whether you are only cleaning your home or working on a job that requires a lot of cleaning or chemical work, you must take off your engagement ring or wear gloves to protect it. Harmful chemicals and bleach in cleaning products can damage metal bands and diamonds. Will form a layer on the stone, preventing light reflection and reducing flicker. Therefore, we recommend that you safely store your engagement ring or wear gloves when cleaning!

4) Take Off Your Engagement Ring – When applying makeup or moisturizing

Take off your ring

Now, ladies, I know this is a complicated process. Your daily routine may include all preparations for the day. Maybe you apply moisturizer first and then start makeup. Like sunscreen, moisturizers, and liquid ingredients can form a dull layer on the diamond and mask the stone is beautiful. Because this is your daily work, this “mask” will continue to accumulate and affect the diamond is brilliance. This layer of moisturizer or makeup may also be sticky and cause other substances to stick to your diamond, reducing sparks and glow.

Do you want to take off your engagement ring before going to bed? Get in the habit of waiting to put on your clothes until you are dressed and ready to take off. If you accidentally put on the ring when you forget to put on makeup, please don’t sweat! Just make sure to clean the ring and remember the next time.

Some final advice on protecting your ring and keeping the gorgeous sparkle is to ensure it. If you do decide to remove the ring at all these times, you will increase the risk of losing the ring.

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